Friend Poems That Make You Cry
'A True Friend'



To one of the greatest people
I have ever known,
who's love and care
has been a constant candle
in my darkest days...
and an inspiration of hope
in my brightest...
To you my friend, my true friend...
thank you from the bottom of my heart,
for all of the days that
we have and will call ours...
.... To Claudia, with love.


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My friend how you know me,
The truths of my being,
And never have left,
although clearly seeing.
That I was not perfect,
more human than not,
Through thick and through thin...
In cold and in hot.
There by my side
when others have fled,
Never gloating in my sorrow,
But crying instead.
And if there were good things
your happiness did shine,
Not because it was your own,
But because it was mine.
Always trusting in
my wants and beliefs' ,
Maybe not always to agree...
But I have always known...
You want only the best for me.
How fortunate I am to have you there,
With understanding
love and constant care.
For... You are a True Friend,
Of this I've no doubt,
For you always walked in...
... When all others walked out.

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By Blondie01


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