Hindi Love Poems
A Love Song from the North


Tell me no more of thy love, papeeha,
Wouldst thou recall
to my heart, papeeha,
Dreams of delight that are gone,
When swift to my side
came the feet of my lover
With stars of the dusk and the dawn?
I see the soft wings
of the clouds on the river,
And jewelled with raindrops
the mango-leaves quiver,
And tender boughs
flower on the plain...

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But what is their
beauty to me, papeeha,
Beauty of blossom
and shower, papeeha,
That brings not my lover again?
Tell me no more of thy love, papeeha,
Wouldst thou revive
in my heart, papeeha
Grief for the joy that is gone?
I hear the bright peacock
in glimmering woodlands
Cry to its mate in the dawn;
I hear the black koel's slow,
tremulous wooing,
And sweet in the gardens
the calling and cooing
Of passionate bulbul and dove....
But what is their
music to me, papeeha
Songs of their
laughter and love, papeeha,
To me, forsaken of love?

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By Sarojini Naidu


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