I Love U Poems
I Love U (4U)


In this lifetime
a union of 2 souls
a meeting of hearts
that's what we are
and I love U

Digitally connected
a union of hearts, souls and minds
let's just leave this world behind

I long to be with U
where the waters run free
and our hearts are left to roam
with who we wanna be

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If our love wasn't meant 2 B
and it was for just now then...
I know there will come a time again
when we will be with each other
so don't despair

My love is simple
written on a napkin
in an ice cream shoppe
where everyone sings so sweet
while I write my soul away
for U to keep...
I had my love for U
inscribed and placed in a bottle

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It will bring u luck and happiness
together or apart
U shall always be dear to me
and near my heart...

By Hispbeauty


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