I Love You Poems
Being Near You


Being near you is
more than just a feeling of closeness,
more than just a desire,
more than anything I've ever felt.

The way you move,
your smile, your tender touch
has caused my heart to melt.

There is a place in my heart
that only you can fill,
with the love that you impart...

There is a place in my soul
that only you can make whole,
I knew this from the start.

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I believe life is like a garden,
we get out of it what we put into it,
we reap just what we sow.

I guess the old philosophers
were right, in the things
they wanted us to know.

Isn't it strange, how one person
can come into your life
and change it forever?
And make you feel in your heart
that life has never been better.

And this is how it is with you
and your alluring ways,
that drives me
to the unknown world of love.

For no one knows where
it comes from when it comes,
and no one knows where
it goes when it goes
except the Lord above.

So as I pen these words to you
will you understand just what I'm trying to say?
Or will they be put away to be read another day?

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By Don Eagle


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