Love You So Much Poems
Why I Love You So Much


It's the way you look
When you first awake
And that smile of yours
That brightens my day

The way you fix your hair
Is anything but plain
You're beautiful and don't admit it
You're anything but vain

The way you look
While you're asleep
Is enough to make any man
Fall to his knees
And pray to God
That you'll never go away
I'll keep you in my heart
Until my final day

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So maybe those are
A couple of reasons
Why I love you so
And never want to let you go

I guess I overlooked
The most obvious things
I must've taken them for granted
They're the most wonderful things

So now you know
Why I love you so much
For the everyday things you do
I couldn't love you enough
For the way you touch my heart
And make me want to sing
That sweet angel of mine
Thank you for the joy you bring

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By Jeremy Davis


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