Miss You Poems For Him
Can't Let Go, I Miss You So


I look around
what do I see?
a future without
you and me,

Fighting this loss
from morning till night
I can't picture life
it doesn't look bright,

Each day is a struggle
as I go through life
I miss you so much
I miss being your wife,

Visiting your grave
I leave with a tear
to face all alone
another sad year,

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Driving away
getting further from you
I miss you so much
oh what do I do?

No matter what
each new day brings
my heart is broken
and birds don't sing,

I love you so
I pray at night
that you rest in peace
till my heart takes flight,

When that time comes
we'll not be apart
and until then
you live in my heart...

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Your devoted wife,

By Squedgey


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