Poems For The One You Love
Baby This Much Is True


All because of you
No other lover
Will ever touch
My heart again

Nor caress my soul
With his loving tenderness
As he probes inside
The core of who I am

No other lover
Will ever
Mesmerize me
Like you do

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Or enchant my mind
Night and day
As he entertains
My high level of demand

Nor have the ability to
Tantalize all my senses
Like you've done every day
For the past few years

No baby nobody
Will ever take your place
For I sealed my heart safely
Locking your love deep inside
Safe from intruders this time

For I'll never allow
No other lover
To roam were you alone
Are allowed to go

Freely entering the heart of who I am
And crowning yourself
King and master
Of my heart and body!!

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With a devoted heart and mind
I pledge to you my endless love
And burning passion
That will never turn cool towards you

By Just~Me


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