Poems That Make You Cry
Don't Go


Loving you is hard
I don't know where I stand
I gave you my heart
I gave up who I am

You say you love me
But I feel so alone
This isn't how it's supposed to be
Now I just wanna go home

I see you smile, I see you cry
But I don't really know who you are
It's like you're in a place so high
I'm on the ground and you're a star

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It doesn't make sense, I know
I just can't think straight
A part of me wants to go
A part of me says its too late

I see pieces of me
scattered everywhere
I see you step on them
I don't think thats fair

Your eyes, your lips, your nose
Your breath on my skin
when you hold me close
How can I move on with my life,
when you're all I need
How can I survive when
you're the air I breathe..

Break my heart
Tear it apart
I don't care
Just don't go anywhere

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By Karren Vianca Crisostomo


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