Sad Poems That Make You Cry
Love Is...


Knowing what I had
Feeling really bad
Lost it all that night
Can no longer fight

Life is different
when you're all alone
Got nothing to do
but cry and play your song

Strumming guitar strings
Staring at my ring
Recalling the past
Love I thought would last

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Love is hard when
you walk on a one way street
And all you can hear
is your own heartbeat

Staring at my face
Thinking of that place
Playing our love song
Where did we go wrong?

Love is crazy
when you're the only one
Looking for something
that's been gone

Crying once again
Wish it didn't end
Wiping tears away
Know I'll be okay

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Love is one
extraordinary feeling
One day I'll
find my happy ending

By Karren Vianca Crisostomo


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