Thinking Of You Poems
Can't Stop Thinking Of You


The morning sun reminds me

of your inner glow

and the gentle breeze

of your caress.


Scents of aromatic blooms

ignite an aura of

pleasure and freedom;

a oneness with all that is beautiful,

just like you.

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You decorate my life

like the flowers in the fields;

dancing and smiling

in the sun's warm rays.


I hear your voice in the rustling leaves

and in bird's love songs.

I see you in billowy clouds

and feel you in the silent air.


Spring rain on my face

feels like tear drops

on your warm wet cheeks

as we kissed and said good-bye.


You are my energy, my verve for life,

my food, my drink

and the air that I breathe.

I meld in your spirit and you in mine.

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I can't stop thinking of you.


By Flutterwings


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